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How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh? 10 Amazing Weighty Hacks

How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh

Have you ever wondered how much does a skateboard weighs? For skaters, being able to determine the weight of this essential tool can make a significant difference in terms of how they perform. As we get deeper into the details of skateboards, it’s time to find out more about what they are made of and why they weigh the way they do.

Skateboard weight is determined by the size of the components that are attached to the board. Skateboards have typically been discovered to weigh between 4 and 7.5 pounds, however, the weight can vary depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Key Takeaways

Understanding skateboard weights enhances:

  • Performance Impact: It is important to know the weight of your skateboard to maneuver well, feel stable, and do tricks well.
  • Material and Component Choices: Materials and parts used in skateboards, such as trucks, wheels, and decks, determine their weight. Weight can be changed by choosing the right components.
  • Personalized Skating Experience: Skaters can choose the best setup for their style and what feels comfortable to them by knowing skateboard weights.

Understanding Board weight 

When you are riding a skateboard, the frame has a significant effect on how it feels and performs. Regardless of your skill level, understanding how much a skateboard weighs will allow you to select the best setup for your predispositions and style. Now, let’s take a look at skateboard weight and how it might affect your skateboarding performance. 

Why Is Weight Important for Skateboards?

Skateboarding weight plays a key role in how well you control your skateboard, how stable it is, and how well you move around. The following are some clarifications for why there is a need for skateboard weight.


Generally speaking, due to the greater maneuverability of a lighter skateboard, quick twists, spins, and tricks can be accomplished quite easily.  


While a lighter skateboard would provide better stability, primarily on bumpy surfaces or at fast speeds, a slightly heavier skateboard would provide greater stability as well. It is common for skateboarders who enjoy cruising, downhill riding, or longboarding to require this kind of stability.

Pop and Ollie’s Height

There is a direct correlation between the weight of your skateboard and the height you can achieve when performing tricks like ollies and other stunts. As a result, lighter boards are more likely to be able to perform higher ollies because they are calmer when snapping and produce more pop. If you are landing tricks on heavier boards, you may find that you have a more stable landing surface and better effect stability.

Fast Breakdown of Average Weight

In the table below, you will find a comprehensive overview of the weight variations for skateboards and their components, addressing the common question: how much does a skateboard weigh?

Part of a skateboardAverage Weight (lbs)Average Weight (kg)
Skateboard Deck2 – 3.4 lbs0.9 – 1.5 kg
Trucks1.36 – 1.71 lbs0.62 – 0.78 kg 
Wheels0.5 – 0.77 lbs0.22 – 0.34 kg 
Bearings0.2 lbs0.09 kg 
Hardware0.012 lbs0.005kg 
Bushings0.125 lbs0.05 kg
Grip tape0.28 lbs0.12 kg 
Average Weight in All4.47 – 6.4 lbs2 – 2.9 kg
Breakdown of Average Skateboard Weight

A Skateboard Deck Weigh

It is estimated that a skateboard deck weighs between 2 and 3.4 pounds (0.9 and 1.5 kg), depending on its use. The weight of the deck will depend on its length and width.

If you’re choosing a skateboard deck only based on its weight, you’re viewing things incorrectly, however. Depending on the size of your shoes the width of a deck will provide advantages and disadvantages for both cruising and tricks skating, as well as an increase in comfort depending on the size of your shoes. For example, a narrow deck may be lighter, but it is not going to be comfortable for someone with a larger foot due to its narrowness. You could also skate what best suits your skating style and what you feel most comfortable doing tricks on instead of what you feel most comfortable doing tricks on.

The table below shows that the weight of a deck with a different width will vary.

Width (inches) Deck Weight (pounds)
7″-7.12”2-2.3 pounds
8″ – 8.12”2.5-2.9 pounds
9″-10″3-5 pounds
A Skateboard Deck Weigh

Skateboard Trucks Weigh

Imagine a set of two skateboard trucks that weigh between 1.36 and 1.71 pounds (0.62 and 0.78 kg) each. Two skateboard trucks would be equivalent to this.

Make sure that you choose a truck width that is similar to the width of your skateboard deck. The weight of a truck increases with its width. On cruiser boards, one of the most common types of truck that can be seen is the broadest one.
Although aluminum is the most common material used for skateboard trucks, several alloys are also used to reduce their weight.

Moreover, higher-end trucks are also equipped with hollow hangers, which are designed to subsidize their weight. However, the price of these hollow-forged vehicles is a little higher than that of their conventional counterparts. Here is a table that gives you an idea of the weight of trucks of varying widths.

Width (inches) Trucks Weight (pounds)
5″ – 5.15″0.45 -0.6 pounds
5.15″ – 5.5″0.6 – 1.2 pounds
Skateboard Trucks Weigh

Skateboard Wheels Weigh

A set of four skateboard wheels can weigh 0.5 to 0.77 pounds (0.22 to 0.34 kg). The wider the diameter of your wheels, the more they will weigh. My 60mm OJ wheels weigh 0.34 kilograms, while my 54mm Spitfire wheels weigh 0.5 pounds (0.22 kilograms).

As you can see in the table below, you will be able to find out the weight of wheels of varying widths.

Width (mm) wheels Weight (pounds)
7″-7.12″2-2.3 pounds
8″ – 8.12″0.8 – 1 pounds
67mm & above1-1.5 pounds
Skateboard Wheels Weigh

Skateboard Bushings Weigh:

While skateboard bushings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the average weight of a set of conical and barrel bushings is about 0.05 kg (0.125 pounds), which is not too bad at all.

Grip Tape Weigh?

The size of a whole grip tape sheet is nine by 33 inches, and the weight of a grip tape sheet is 0.28 pounds (0.12 kg). After the grip tape has been placed on the deck and trimmed to size, a bit of the weight of the deck is also detached.

Skateboard Bearings Weigh?

There are eight skateboard bearings in total, weighing 0.2 pounds (0.09 kg). Your bearings may weigh slightly differently depending on the material used in their construction. 

It is typically ceramic and steel bearings that are used since they are the strongest and lightest.

A bearing is a part that supports a wheel as it moves along an axle as it travels across the ground or other terrain. A wheel with light bearings will roll faster than a wheel with heavy bearings. Although the ABEC rating differs, the size of the bearings is the same regardless of the rating.

Skateboard Hardware Weigh

Even though your trucks are attached to the deck by a hardware device called nuts and bolts, these components weigh no more than 0.012 pounds (0.05 kg) each. By far, these are the lightest components on a skateboard. Since 1 inch of hardware was used to determine the weight of the device, a device with 1.5 inches or longer of hardware will weigh more than one with only 1 inch of hardware.

Conclusion on How Much Does a Skateboard Weigh?

If you’re looking to purchase a skateboard, the weight shouldn’t be a major factor that you need to consider. Nevertheless, with the statistics provided in this article, you will have a good idea of what to expect based on what has been written here. Generally, a skateboard should weigh between 4.47 and 6.4 pounds (2 and 2.9 kg) when built with high-quality components.

Although skateboarding is not meant for men with large bodies, many bigger men fantasize about it. In some cases, they find out how much a skateboard weighs by looking it up online. They can ride a skateboard, although there might be some limitations attached to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is recommended that you browse these FAQs for additional insight and information if you have any further questions.

What is the average weight of a skateboard?

the average weight of a skateboard is between 4 and 7.5 pounds. This range accounts for different materials and component sizes, including the deck, trucks, and wheels. Understanding this helps skaters choose equipment that enhances their performance and suits their style.

Why does the weight of a skateboard matter?

The weight of a skateboard matters because it directly affects maneuverability, stability, and trick performance. Lighter skateboards enhance quick movements and tricks, while heavier ones offer more stability at higher speeds and on uneven surfaces, tailoring the skating experience to individual preferences and styles.

Can the weight of a skateboard affect my performance?

The weight of a skateboard can affect your performance. A lighter skateboard allows for easier maneuverability and higher ollies, ideal for tricks. Conversely, a heavier skateboard offers more stability, especially at high speeds or on rough surfaces, making it better for cruising or downhill rides. The right weight enhances control and comfort.

How can I choose the right skateboard weight for me?

Choosing the right skateboard weight is crucial. Consider your skating style; lighter boards are better for tricks and maneuvers, while heavier boards provide stability for cruising and speed. Match the board weight with your preference for a comfortable and optimized skating experience, ensuring better control and enjoyment.

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