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Ranking the 7 Best Skateboard Trucks for Maximum Performance

Ranking the 7 Best Skateboard Trucks for Maximum Performance

Best Skateboard Trucks might not be the most visually appealing or thrilling component of your setup, but selecting the appropriate trucks for your specific skateboarding requirements is essential to making the most out of your ride. If you don’t have the appropriate trucks for the job, you risk breaking down your truck or, worse, getting hurt needlessly.

For those who are unfamiliar with skating, trucks are the metal parts that link a skateboard’s wheels to the deck. In addition, they let skateboarders execute both sophisticated tricks like grinds and fundamental ones like turns. You’ve undoubtedly already tried out a few skateboard trucks if you’ve been skating for some time. Some people place greater emphasis on the steering behavior of skateboard trucks, while others are more concerned with their weight or grind behavior. You may have also pondered which skateboard trucks are the greatest given the wide variety.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to skateboard trucks, the selection greatly influences your riding experience:

  • Variety for Every Skater: There’s a truck option for everyone, accommodating different skill levels, skating styles, and preferences for terrains, ensuring no one is left out.
  • Material and Design Innovations: The latest in materials like aluminum alloy and unique designs such as dual kingpin setups significantly boost skateboarding performance.
  • Performance and Durability: Quality trucks not only enhance your ability to maneuver and execute tricks but also stand up to the rigors of skateboarding, making every ride better.

Naturally, there’s no simple solution to that. Rather, we examined brand shop visits, sold trucks, search searches, and other relevant data from 2023 to compile a list of the top skateboard truck brands. Our list of the top skateboard trucks for various skateboarding styles is assembled in this post. This way, the next time you’re ready to try something new or choose your first pair, you can make an informed choice!

We have specified the axle width for each truck based on the kind of skating we think it is most suited for. However, since all trucks are available in a variety of sizes, you should be able to find the ideal axle width for your setup.

1: [CCS] Skateboard Trucks review – Best for beginner or intermediate

[CCS] Skateboard Trucks

Untitled design 44 result

Key Features

  • Set of two trucks with a sturdy steel base plate,
  • premium high rebound bushings for controlled, smooth turns, 
  • high-grade no-slip kingpin and mounting hardware with a 1-inch Phillips screw included.

In this epidemic age where everyone is on a budget, CCS skateboard trucks have given you a way to ensure you never have to give up your skateboarding joys because of financial issues. The lightest and sleekest skateboard trucks offered are CCS trucks.
Because they are composed of aluminum, the CCS trucks are lightweight without compromising strength. Because of this, these trucks are a beginner’s dream because they allow them to practice basic tricks on these light trucks and start skating straight away. These trucks make it easy to ride up and down stairs or perform ollies.

The extra-strong kingpin can withstand regular shocks and damages with ease, extending its lifespan. With the non-slippery kingpin holding everything together, the entire vehicle functions wonderfully.
The baseplate and hanger are arranged normally, so there’s adequate pop. These medium-high trucks allow you to attach 53 to 56-mm wheels on your skateboard.


  • Lightweight trucks 
  • Strong kingpin 
  • Very suitable for basic tricks
  • Provides good pop to the whole skateboard with a moderate profile
  • 1’’ Philip hardware is included in the box for free.


  • Not suitable for heavyweight
  • Also, it is not useable for ramps or intricate tricks
  • Untrained people can’t use CCS skateboard trucks

2: Havoc Skateboard Trucks Review – Best for skaters of any skill level

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Untitled design 40 result

Key Features

  • Havoc is a great option regardless of your budget or preference for the deck!
  • Havoc Trucks are lightweight and robust due to their aluminum alloy construction.
  • Havoc Trucks suit the majority of deck sizes and standard wheel sizes with ease. 

For skaters of all skill levels, Havoc Trucks are an excellent option. You can choose from a range of colors and skateboard or longboard molds to get the ideal combination! These trucks are always the best option because they are sturdy, lightweight, and long-lasting! Do your trucks have to cost more than your deck? Havoc has a lot to offer skaters of all ability levels.

Havoc uses the same aluminum alloy as some more expensive brands, it will function just as well for a far smaller sum of money! These trucks are made with the skater in mind, using their trademark mold! range of hues havoc gives skaters the freedom to personalize their board by offering a variety of colors in their iconic mold!
Havoc skateboard trucks have drawbacks but can also be a terrific purchase. But when you compare the offerings and look at the price, Havoc trucks are practically incomparable in their price range. For some, bushing problems and a lack of mounting hardware might be deal-breakers.


  • The price will undoubtedly be a major selling factor
  • Strong construction made of aluminum alloy 
  • Extremely light vehicle
  • Wide range of color options
  • Lower profile for optimal balance and various axle sizes


  • Larger riders look for face bushing problems, which lead to wheel bites.
  • The trucks come without any mounting hardware.

3: VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks Review – BEst for high speeds, aggressive maneuvers

VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks

Untitled design 41 result

Key Features

  • Set of Longboard Trucks.
  • Superior Aluminum Longboard Vehicles.
  • Kingpin Geometry in Reverse.
  • 92a hardness bushings.
  • 7.75″ (247mm) axle and 7″ (178mm) hanger and reverse kingpin.

Another excellent set of trucks that is sure to provide an incredible longboarding experience is the VJ Longboard/Skateboard Truck Set. Because it is made of virgin-grade aluminum, its durability is unquestionable. It will ensure that your longboard lasts for a very long time!
Additionally, this model has a sturdy yet lightweight hanger. It won’t put a lot of weight on your deck, unlike most items! Enables Comfortable Sailing on Various Terrains with its 92A bushing, it provides outstanding stability by removing unnecessary movement.

Furthermore, you may roll over difficult terrains full of stones and pebbles with unexpected stability and comfort because of the high-quality bearings. This dependable two-piece longboard truck set is packaged conveniently in one easy-to-open packaging. To finish your longboard, mount the trucks to the deck using riser pads, bolts, grip tape, and wheels. With our virgin-grade aluminum trucks and selection of sturdy wheels, you can add your personal touch to your favorite deck and make it uniquely yours. Most 70-86mm longboard wheels can be combined with them because of their 50° baseplate angle.

Compared to regular trucks, reverse kingpin trucks are more stable and have a more compact seat. They are compatible with top mount and drop-through decks.


  • Sturdy enough to tolerate high-pressure
  • makes maneuvering very simple and equipped with
  • premium bearings and additional parts provide plenty of stability for comfortable riding
  • Best for Downhill, Pintail longboards, Freeride


  • May not be suitable for seasoned riders
  • Not ideal for Cruising & Carving on smaller decks

4: Tensor Alloys Skateboard Trucks Review – Best for Street & Park skating

Tensor Alloys Skateboard Trucks

Untitled design 37 result

Key Features

  • Widths: 5.5′′, 5.25′′, and 5.5′′ Black Baseplate with Hanger Branding Tensor.
  • Aluminum Alloy the Best Grind, Best Turn, and Best Price is Tensor Alloy Trucks! 
  • The entry-level Tensors Alloy truck model has the high-quality construction and components that one would anticipate from Tensor.
  • These robust trucks come in a variety of glossy colors
  • Very simple to install on your decks using a four-bolt hole system, giving your rides a stylish touch. 

Distributed by Dwindle Distribution, Tensor Trucks are well-known skateboard trucks. Skateboarding’s godfather is also the creator of Tensor Trucks. Tensor was founded by him in 2000, and because of its superior goods, it is currently one of the world’s leading skateboard truck companies. Tensor is the best option if you want to get good at ollies and kickflips. Your skateboard should be light to accomplish intricate tricks. 

Tensor has developed aluminum-built vehicles to overcome this circumstance. These trucks are the lightest, weighing only 312 grams, making them perfect for making quick turns or having a smooth ride.

In addition, the skateboard’s geometry is beautifully designed. More responsiveness during skating is achieved by adjusting the pivot and kingpin angles. By lowering the kingpin by 5 mm, there are fewer hang-ups when grinding.  
In addition, the bushings have been softened and modified to maintain their center of gravity and enhance their response.  With an axle length of 8 inches, these 5-inch-high trucks can accommodate vast decks ranging from 7.8 to 8.1 inches. 


  • Ideal for complex tricks
  • Reduced kingpin causes fewer hang-ups.
  • Economical trucks include a lifetime warranty.


  • The bottom bushing could be destroyed by tiny washers.
  • Pivot cups are not long-lasting.

5: Ace Skateboard Trucks Review – Best for skaters who value high-performance trucks

Ace SkateBoard Trucks

Untitled design 34 result

Key Features

  • Without straying from the original Ace geometry, the all
  • New Ace AF1 offers performance that changes the game.
  • A proprietary casting method is used in the meticulous manufacturing of the AF1. 
  • The ACE AF1, which took years to build, is the strongest cast vehicle available thanks to a 70% improvement in aluminum’s structural integrity.
  • Contains two trucks.
  • 7.75 inches is the axle width for size 22.

Joey Tershay started skating in 2007 and made an effort to transform the conventional skating experience. Ace’s most recent skateboard truck, the AF1, was released in 2021 as a result of his arduous work. 
Ace trucks are made of aluminum and go through a casting process, which reduces weight without sacrificing strength.

Additionally, coherence in the structural geometry of the entire vehicle is developed during the casting process. This sturdy construction also makes the baseplate and hangers sturdy.  The sturdy steel axles are wider than average, allowing them to support large loads and reduce wobbling. The axle nuts are another example of contemporary design since their ends have been rethreaded to prevent damage. 

AF1 bushings have a hardness of 96A. Your spins and maneuvers are more steady, smooth, and quick because of this perfect toughness. For street or vert skating, you can always use more rigid bushings.  These updated skating trucks also have a modest profile, standing 2.1 inches tall overall. You always land on your decks when grinding or doing kickflips because of this small height, which keeps you steady. Additionally, being lower raises your center of gravity, which gives you inherent stability when skating. 


  • Better axle end protection with new, re-threaded axle nuts included
  • Comes in several sizes and colors.
  • The bushing and cup washer shapes have been improved for a sharper turn.
  • Machine-faced hanger ends improve bearing engagement.
  • Huge axles to eliminate sway
  • Not inexpensive trucks


  • Being overweight can cause bent axles.

6:  Independent Skateboard Trucks Review – Best for street, park, and transition

Independent Pro Skateboard Trucks

Untitled design 43 result

Key Features

  • Self-sufficient Stage 11 trucks have a baseplate and hanger that are flat, black powder coated, with silver hardware and black cushions.
  • These are a robust, multipurpose truck suitable for all kinds of skating.
  • For best results and wheel clearance with wheels 56mm and smaller, use a 55mm tall wheel. Baseplate and A356 T6 Aluminum Hanger. 
  • The greatest lightweight aluminum alloy with T6 heat treatment for strength, toughness, and feel of the grind. 
    SCM435 Chromoly Steel Axle offers the best possible quality and longevity.
  • Six-hole universal baseplates with both old and new school mounting patterns are featured on the 159 and 169 versions.

It goes without saying that if you skate professionally, you have at least once attempted independent trucks. Established in 1978, Independent typically introduces new truck models with enhancements and alterations every year or two. There are several different independent trucks available, from forged to hollow titanium trucks. 

Stage 11 Independent trucks are the most prevalent and well-liked models. Aluminum was used in their construction to give both durability and lightweight. Your kingpin won’t get stuck in rails and you’ll enjoy unparalleled grindability thanks to these lightweight trucks. 

Moreover, this truck is low-profile which lets you enjoy extra stability. The low height increases the center of gravity and reduces the risk of falling while performing flips, ramps, and ollies. The extra soft bushing also aids in the performance of intricate tricks. The turns will be smoother and more responsive due to these mushy bushings. All you need to do is apply little force and you will have more controlled turns. 


  • includes a lifetime warranty.
  • Reduced height results in safer and more seamless landings.
  • steel and aluminum structure for strength and durability
  • With cushioned bushings, your turns are responsive and quick.
  • Reduces the number of wheels


  • Costlier than regular skate trucks
  • The baseplate and kingpin deteriorate with time
  • Needs the replacement of pushing assemblies (like with other trucks).

7: Gullwing Sidewinder II Skateboard Trucks Review – Best for Carving, pumping, and Surfing-like Feel

Gullwing Sidewinder 11 Skateboard Truck

Untitled design 42 result

Key Features

  • Dual kingpin configuration
  • Nine-inch hanger with two pivots

Should you be an enthusiast of skating, you can discover that soft_duro wheels offer amazing pre-drifts. But, if you turn excessively sharply, your trucks can slide out of the corner since they can’t give you the precise, seamless cuts you desire. This Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Truck is the truck you should buy in that situation. This truck from Sector 9 comes with a twin kingpin setup, in contrast to the majority of longboard/skateboard trucks that only have a pin setup. Compared to other standard longboards, you can steer farther and more smoothly because of the special two-separate kingpin arrangement.

Additionally, it tightens the steering curve to improve street maneuverability. The twin kingpin not only provides excellent steering support but also makes rebounding from kickbacks feel simple. Gullwing trucks are perfect for you when cutting through congested sidewalks and other areas because they turn quickly and reasonably. What a versatile and useful device! You can remove the middle joint to convert it into a single kingpin truck when it’s not needed.

The 9” hanger, which measures from axle tip to axle tip, is another impressive feature to check out. Constructed from sturdy aluminum, the hanger is positioned on the base plate to facilitate users’ insane acrobatics while driving. You can aim for the deepest carvings with it. Boards between 30 and 36 inches will work well with this size.


  • Reasonably priced trucks
  • able to generate power via hills and offer a decent leap off curbs
  • Narrow turning is provided by a double kingpin.
  • Carvings were simple because of the hard bushings.


  • Beginners find it difficult to control.
  • Not appropriate for intricate stunts

Conclusion: Elevate Your Ride with the Best Skateboard Trucks

In summary, choosing the Top Skateboard Trucks is crucial for a satisfying skating experience. From the budget-friendly [CCS] Skateboard Trucks to the innovative Ace Skateboard Trucks AF1, each option caters to different preferences and styles. The Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks, with their unique dual kingpin configuration, add versatility to the mix. Consider your individual needs and preferences to find the “Best Skateboard Trucks” that enhance your skating performance.

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