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How Much does a skateboard cost? Budget vs Bliss

How much does a Skateboard Cost -Guide to Budgeting Fun!

If you have been considering investing in a skateboard, the first query that hits your notice is how much does a skateboard cost. Many cheap and expensive options are available on Amazon, making your final selection process a bit complex. 

When buying any gadget from a store, you should step into that store after planning your entire budget. The cost of a skateboard depends on different factors in which its manufacturing process and component quality play a significant role. 

Let’s dive into the discussion below to learn more about the cost of skateboards according based on different types!

How much does a skateboard cost?

The cost of a skateboard varies based on factors like brand, material, and features. Price can range from $50 to $250 or more. Established brands and high-quality materials tend to be pricier, while entry-level or plastic skateboards are more affordable. Consider your skill level and preferences when choosing, as the cost aligns with the skateboard’s durability, performance, and design intricacies.

But on average, a good skateboard of excellent quality can easily be purchased at $150″. There are different components in a skateboard that decide its overall cost. This includes construction, materials, board length, size of the wheel, wheel types, and so on. 

It is possible to produce a skateboard yourself if you know better how to construct it. You can purchase the skateboard parts and go ahead with your mission. Thus, producing your own gives you complete freedom to customize it according to your preferences. 

Skateboards are allocated into different types, and each type will have a diverse cost, too! Let’s just not wait a single second and get into the discussion about different skateboard types and their cost.

What is the average cost of producing a custom skateboard?

Production of any skateboard rests on what material you use plus what kind of skateboard you manufacture. This whole process costs between $30 to $50. But it would help if you were prepared with a lot of budget because sometimes, this cost can be from $75 to $150.

Knowing about skateboard parts and seeing which brands or companies offer reliable parts at an affordable cost is essential. For producing decks, the cost can be around $9-$10. If you buy it from skateboard companies, you will pay double the amount. 

How Much It Costs To Setup A Skateboard!

As far as the wheels are alarmed, they are comparatively inexpensive and will need just a few of your dollars. The same is valid for trucks. The estimated cost of producing high-quality trucks will be around $10. 

What are the important features of a good skateboard?

When you move into different skateboard shops, you will notice that each shop will have its price. But why? Let us help you to clear your mind over this question. Different features make a good skateboard which we will highlight below. 

  • Design and material of the deck

The design as well as the material of the deck are other vital aspects to highlight. A skateboard deck is generally made from diverse materials, comprising bamboo, wood, or carbon fiber. These materials enhance extra durability to a deck, making the skating much smoother. If you notice the deck design, you will discover them added with abundant custom graphics as well as color variations.  

  • Quality and type of truck 

A truck in a skateboard helps connect the wheels through the deck. And their whole quality leaves a momentous impact on a board’s performance. A high-quality truck has brilliant stability and durability and is superior to its turning abilities. But they are a bit costly. 

  • Bearings quality

With the help of bearings, a skateboard can effortlessly rotate smoothly on several terrain surfaces. A skateboard with a robust bearing is useful. High-quality bearings can advance the board’s speed, reduce friction, as well as increase a skateboard’s lifespan. But at the same time, they can also upsurge your board’s value.

  • Quality of grip tape 

A grip tape in any skateboard delivers grip and traction for any rider’s feet. And its inclusive quality can meaningfully impact a board’s performance. A superior grip is made from long-lasting materials, which benefits from a better grip and drops wear and tear. 

Why skateboarding is a costly investment?

For some people, skateboarding is no doubt an expensive hobby. But at the same time, they do want to know why equipment is getting equally costly. Its simple answer can be the high-quality components and materials from which these skateboards are made. All of the components require replacement and regular maintenance.

Moreover, skateboarding is a risky sport, which can often increase the cost of medical care and insurance. Competition among different skateboard brands can also increase the prices.

What should be the cost of your first skateboard?

Buying a used skateboard is nothing wrong because all you do is save your money. But before buying a used skateboard, always pay attention to the wear and tear signs on components. Sometimes, they do have won-out bearings or rusty trucks, which can impact your skating journey. Inspect and maintain the components properly through the guidance of a reliable seller. 

The estimated cost you are spending on any skateboard is built on the brand name, the superiority of its components, and the customization level. High-quality skateboards have premium-quality decks, and their wheels, bearings, as well as trucks, are made from durable materials.

Investing in a costly skateboard as a beginner is a big mistake. Always choose an option that is durable and perfect for any beginner. You should aim for a skateboard that makes your skating journey smooth. High-end skateboards will offer high safety, better performance, and extended lifespan. 

A beginner skateboard is generally available at an average cost between $50-$100. This cost also includes the skateboard components, including bearings, deck, wheels, and trucks. For building any custom skateboard, the cost is generally based on component quality and its customization level. Its cost can be nearly $200 to $500.

How long does any skateboard will last?

Any skater investing in a skateboard for the first time might want to know about the lifespan of a skateboard. Well, there are different factors involved in answering this query. This includes how often you use it and how well you take care of it. Generally, a skateboard can survive from a few months to several years.

As a beginner, you fondly use a skateboard daily for longer hours. New riders always take more breaks between their sessions and ride less frequently. In this way, the boards can survive for longer in comparison to those of experienced riders.

How well you care for and maintain your skateboard determines how long it can survive. You should regularly oil and clean your bearings. Ensure the trucks are tightened, and inspect the deck for any cracks. Trust me, with proper care and maintenance, your skiboard cancer bag will last for longer years.

How to know if a skateboard is good in quality?

To know if a skateboard is of good quality or not, there are different factors that you can determine. First of all, check if the deck has any sort of cracks or damage in it. If there are any splinters or cracks, it is not a great board. 

Second of all, you should also check the trucks which need to be secure and tight. Jay. Loose trucks will cause the boats to wobble easily and are less stable. Pay attention to the wheels as well. Make sure that they’re not chipped or cracked. If they are, they should be replaced instantly.

Never buy a skateboard from a cheap brand. They will always offer you something in poor quality bearings and will have a flimsy grip tape. It can be a better option if you start with any blank deck and produce your very own skateboard.

If you are serious about investing in this sport, then you should never go for an average skateboard. No doubt a skateboard deck can be a costly investment, but a high-quality setup is worth it in the end.

Final Thoughts on How Much does a skateboard cost?

With the above-detailed discussion on skateboards, your mind will be more precise in considering how much you should invest in these boards. To sum up this topic, the skateboard cost will be between 75 and 150 bucks based on the quality of the parts you choose.

This is just the starting price because a lot more costs will be involved later on as you jump from a beginner skateboard to a longboard option. Longboards are costly in the long run. Act smart and plan your budget first. Look for different skateboard options around you, contact different sellers, and then make a final choice. 

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