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Mastering the Shove It on a Skateboard – Step by Step

Shove it on a Skateboard

Skateboarding, as a sport, is much more than a physical activity; it is a way of life and expressing yourself. Among the most amazing tricks you can acquire is the Shove it on a Skateboard. This guide will give you all the necessary information to do this trick. Whether you’re at the beginning or have been skating for years, we’ve covered your passion. We will start with the foundation and then go on to the more sophisticated moves. In the end, you can deliver a perfect shove consistently. Hence, get your board, and we shall ride on the thrilling area of skateboarding tricks.

Getting Started: Understanding the Basics

What is a Shove it on a Skateboard?

A shove it on a skateboard is a hassle. It’s a move when the skateboard rotates around, but your feet are still on it. You don’t make it kick it like a kickflip or a heelflip. Instead, you flip it upside down. It’s like a simple spin trick that’s easy to do. You just lift the tail of the board with your back foot. Finally, the board twists around while you don’t move. It is a boring trick to learn, and you will need help to impress your friends! Thus, if you want to give something new a try on your skateboard, you can do the shove it.

Anatomy of a Shove it

To learn skateboarding, you must put your feet in the correct position and move your body. The students come up with this idea, and it causes the board to turn. Mastery of this trick is crucial if you want to become good at it. Initially, place one foot near the front bolts and the other foot at the tail. Henceforth, you lean on the tail, and at the same time, you move your body. The decision by the board reverses the course. This knowledge delivery enables you to be better at shove it on a skateboard. Thus, keep practicing, and you’ll be like a champion.

Foot Placement

The way you position your feet when you push your skateboard is vital. The front foot must be behind the front truck’s bolts. Lastly, your back leg stands on the hind of the board. Got it? The front foot is upturned, and the back foot is on the tail. Easy! This type of arrangement aids you in getting the skateboard to turn right. So, remember: front foot on the head, back foot on the tail. That is how you lay the ground for a successful shove-it on a skateboard. Hence, by practicing, you can spin like a pro in no time!

Body Movement

Your body movement is significant when shoved on a skateboard. Shifting your shoulders and hips is the first step towards directing the board and increasing speed. At the beginning of the trick, turn your shoulders in the direction where you wish to go. Furthermore, adjust your weight a little on your back foot. Thus, it aids the board to perform as you instruct it. So, remember: Shift your shoulders and change your weight. Hence, you tend to get the suck it right! Keep on practicing, and you will master it soon.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

A well-executed shove should be done very carefully. Here are some mistakes to watch out for:

Insufficient Pop

When you do not push your back foot hard enough, your board can spin slowly, making that quick shove on a skateboard trick difficult. Put the muscle in with your back foot to achieve the correct result. That is what allows your board to spin fast and clean. Thus, you should do your best to get that trick just right. After adequate training, you can execute a shove on a skateboard every time!


When the board locks more than once, it is called overrotation. It can interfere with your sense of balance, making the landing difficult. Please keep it in check on the rotation so that you can land.

Mastering the Shove it on Skateboard Technique: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Stance and Setup

First, keep your balance on the skateboard as you are used to when riding. Putting your feet in the proper place on the board is essential. In this scenario, you usually have one foot in front and one in the back. It ensures that you remain steady. Stance with your knees slightly bent so you are in a position to move. Your body should sense the comfort and the relaxation. Hence, this stance makes you land on your feet when you are doing tricks. Thus, pause and see your stable position before attempting any skateboard tricks.

Step 2: Generate Pop

The skateboard will go up when you put your back foot on the back of the skateboard. Hence, you should either push the back of the skateboard with your foot or do both simultaneously but with more force or speed. It is called “popping” the skateboard, which is why people do it. The skateboard shoots up into the air with the pop. Doing it swiftly and with a lot of power is a must. This motion generates the energy required to make the skateboard go above the ground. Make sure your foot is tightly on the skateboard’s tail before you push it. This step will be the best way to achieve the required height for the trick.

Step 3: Initiate Rotation

In step three, shift the weight to the back foot and use the front foot to turn the board as it goes up.

Step 4: Land Cleanly

The board is spun, and after the trick is done, you will have to land with both feet on the skateboard’s bolts. It, in turn, keeps you in balance and control.

Advanced Variations: Pushing the Boundaries

Fakie Shove it

Have you already been able to adapt to the regular shove? The time to start to show off with the fakie shove is now! This trick met the challenge by testing its limits while riding the fakie stance. It’s as if you are getting another dimension to your skateboarding experience. Through the fakie shove, you become proficient in the basics, extend your limits, and take your skills to a new level. Thus, if you dare to face the challenge, you should grab your board, find stability, and prepare to perform the fakie.

Shove it Body Varial.

In a shove-it body varial, you do a 180-degree turn with your body while your skateboard turns 180 degrees. It’s as if you’re doing two tricks at the same time. This film seems to be incredibly awesome and is very difficult to accomplish. To start with, you do a popping like a shove. After that, as the board turns, you spin your body similarly. The most important thing is to have the perfect timing and land smoothly, which is challenging and requires a lot of practice. Nevertheless, when you finally manage to do it well, you will be the talk of the skate park! Take time and be patient with yourself when you are toiling on this valuable and unique trick.


Shove it on a Skateboard is the most enjoyable thing to learn! Skilled qualities like LS, creativity, and determination would be better. The fundamentals must be understood, practice must be done, and different methods must be applied. Subsequently, you will glide with a new style! Ready your skateboard, go outdoors, and give it a shot!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I learn to shove it on a skateboard as a beginner?

Yes! Even the starters can begin by learning the fundamental conventions of footwork. Through constant practice, you’ll attain proficiency.

What techniques should I use to enhance my pop for a perfect shovel-inspired rotation?

To be able to pop, the recommended exercises are pop shuvits and ollies. These activate your back foot and assist in the shoving process.

What to do if the board keeps over-rotating?

To solve this problem, you should modify the foot pressure and the timing of the step. Try various angles until you find the one that works best for you.