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Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane? Find Out Here

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane: In particular for skaters, skateboarding trips are one of the most entertaining and creative experiences. That should be so cool, but I also hope they will let me bring it on the plane. However, there is indispensable information about particular appearances and conditions of skateboarding during flight. It has a role in the prevention of anarchy-like scenarios, which may be seen at the airport.

No matter. Suppose you are an experienced world traveler or a beginner who is just planning your first flight. In that case, this article, which contains the basic airline requirements, recommendations on what to do if you want to take a skateboard on board, and much more, is what you precisely need. Therefore, in contrast to other similar services, it will respond well in this city if it becomes a tourist attraction for skateboarding fans.

General Airline Regulations

Among the many regulations that most air companies have placed to enable passengers to take their skateboards on the aircraft are typically set down but done uniquely. Some Airlines would still permit you to carry it with you into the aircraft as cabin baggage, while others then again would require it to be checked in right into the belly of the plane like other baggage.

Whenever you are planning a journey, there are specific guidelines that must be taken into consideration regarding the legal requirements of the company or airline to be traveled by. If not, then it is easier to avoid getting charged extra or having to face other problems that relate to rules and regulations. Al, as you go flying, sometimes it is good to search it up first so that you know what to expect when going to the airports.

Variations Among Major Airlines

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

American Airlines

In one precious American Airlines interaction, they allow passengers to carry their skateboards on the plane. If you wish to pack, it can be taken as carry-on luggage in case it is within the set dimensions and weight. If you are traveling on the plane intending to carry a giant skateboard, you will not be allowed to do so but place it in the hold as other pieces of luggage.

It is, however, important that the hand luggage does not exceed the airline’s recommended size, which is allowed to be taken aboard an aircraft in the learners’ hand. These guidelines should be followed each time when discussing the legal aspects of same-sex marriage. It is always advisable to check on their current regulation before you travel. Our forecast approach is this way; thus, you can have a comfortable trip with your skateboard.

Delta Airlines

However, it is surprising that Delta Airlines allows a skateboard to be taken on board as a carry-on. Said piece ought to permit easy storage within the overhead compartment or underneath the seat. If you have a giant skateboard that cannot fit in the overhead compartment, then you will have no option but to carry it in the check-in.

Remember to weigh your equipment, especially your skateboard, and ensure that the size you are taking does not exceed Delta size limits before the journey. If all the gear is deemed compact and lightweight enough, you can take it on the plane with you. If it is not permitted, you will have to encase it in your carry-on baggage properly. One should always be acquainted with all the official policies of the airline to avoid any issues at the airports.

United Airlines

For instance, while traveling with United Airlines, skateboards that are not considered full-sized but rather a size that would require stowage either under the seat in front of you or in an overhead locker are allowed to be taken on board in the cabin. In other words, it clearly means that except for a few specific items, you can carry a regular skateboard or just any joint with you on a plane.

However, boards that are long and larger require an increase in size in order to persist. The amount per person also depends on the type of aircraft, and it is also stated on the United Airlines website, so it is preferable before your trip to know precisely the measurements of your skateboard.

International vs. Domestic Flights

By the way, in some cases, they are different for international flights compared to domestic ones. Domestic Airlines have relaxed measures because the countries are connected; International Airlines have strict measures due to other countries’ laws. Any traveler needs to consult with the given airline company before planning for any trip.

Besides, you must not neglect the fact that you love having some knowledge of the laws of the country you are heading to. This way, you will be sure whether you are allowed to carry your skateboard and how you will go about the issue in case they do not allow you to transport it. Try always to plan and make sure you expect the worst to avoid incidents that may happen at the airport.

Preparing for Travel

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

Researching Airline-Specific Policies

This makes it very important that before you make your flight booking, you take time to ensure that you go through the rules of the airline that you will be using from among the numerous airlines. Concerning the question of their policy regarding skateboard carriage, every airline has a different policy.

In this way, you will not have to be Turned down or face charges you were not prepared for at the airport. You may get this information on their website through their customer service line.

Contacting Customer Service

If you are still determining whether the airline should permit skateboards to be taken aboard or not, then you should contact that particular airline’s customer care department. And here, as it were, they can help with the rules so that you will feel much better and know that you are in the right.

Checking Baggage Size and Weight Limits

Policies concerning luggage are diverse in every airline regarding the size and weight of the baggage you wish to check in or have on board. The following are general guidelines that still need to be considered before packing your skateboard. With their assistance, they will guide them on how they can avoid having to spend an extra buck or even check the skateboard.

Types of Skateboards and Travel Considerations

Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

Standard Skateboards

The standard types of skateboards can easily be conveyed around since they are small. They are usually portable and slim and designed to be squeezed in the overhead bin of an airplane or under the seat.


Shorter longboards would not be able to fit in the above seat space on a plane because they are designed to be bigger than the regular Skateboards. That is why sometimes you have to take them with your other baggage and carry them in the car.

Electric Skateboards

The electric skateboards have unconventional rules regarding the batteries, as explained below. Ensure that the size of the battery conforms to the flight regulations on carry-on or check bags.

Packing Your Skateboard

That means there are several ways in which you can pack your skateboard for easier handling. First, it will be necessary to detach the wheels and trucks and put them into a bag. For this, make sure to use the skateboard bag with padding areas that will protect it from getting damaged.

This medicine must also be protected: wrap it in clothes. It is equipped to either carry or check in the baggage hold. If applicable, ensure that the item can comfortably fit in an overhead bin or under the seat for convenience. If it is too large, then you should check it. You should check the particular airline that you want to travel with prior to going.

Tips for Packing in Checked Luggage

If you take your skateboard in checked luggage, make sure you pack it properly. It must be well protected. If it is allowed, you need to take clod or bubble wrap to cover it safely, or else you can have a box to pack it. This will help safeguard it from incurring damages while it is being transported from one joint to another.

Carry-On vs. Checked Luggage Considerations

That is when you pack the skateboards either to have them with you inside the plane or when you are willing to have the airlines take them for storage inside the plane. If one is taking it along inside the plane, there are lower chances that the item will be damaged. Nevertheless, there are instances when an extensive skateboard may not be allowed on an aircraft but will instead be checked in.

Conclusion about Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

However, taking your skateboard with you when you travel by air must be done carefully, bearing in mind some of the usual policies of air flights. Here’s some advice for a safe and stress-free trip:

Get ready, set go, and promote and guide skateboarding travel for the younger generations.

FAQs – Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane

Can I bring my skateboard on a plane?

It is accurate within certain limits. Participants are allowed to bring their skateboards on a plane with them. However, certain regulations are available with regard to the type of skateboards permitted on an airplane and the laws that control the application of such boards for various companies of flight.

Can I take my skateboard with me in the cabin, or are they considered as a check-in allowance?

The length of the skateboard will influence how you travel with it through this airline.
Again, regular sizes of skateboards are easily allowed, provided they fit into the dimensions allowed when traveling by air. Longboards and electric skateboards are expected to require check-in.

Are there specific rules for packing my skateboard?

Yes, depending on the type of skateboard, this is highly recommended since it might be necessary to disassemble the skateboard and put it in a suitable bag or cover.

What do I do if my skateboard gets damaged during the flight?

If the skateboard is destroyed, broken, or missing when you arrive at your destination, be sure to inform the airline. Every airline company has procedures for responding to or dealing with different damage claims.

Can I bring my skateboard through airport security?

As for your second question, yes, you can undoubtedly take your skateboard on the plane with you past the security checks. It may need to go into a bin that will undergo the X-ray checks.